Addiction Counseling

Are you struggling with masking your feelings with substances in order to cope with your daily life? Do you want to quit drugs/alcohol but just don’t know how to do that on your own? Have you tried residential treatment before and know the 12 steps backwards and forwards? Perhaps you’ve never been to residential treatment before and want to try outpatient therapy before committing to long-term treatment. Or maybe the 12-step approach just doesn’t seem to fit for you and your life view.

It is possible to achieve sobriety.

Imagine making it through an entire day without once thinking about drinking or using in order to escape. Imagine feeling in control of your impulses and managing stress and unexpected life events with healthy coping skills. The battle of addiction is just that, a battle, and I want to help you with your fight. I often meet people who have struggled with substance for so long that they have developed the lie that sobriety just isn’t possible for them. I am here to tell you that it is possible to live your life sober, free of substances and happy.

For the past 4 years I have worked directly in the substance abuse field. I have worked as a case manager, therapist and group facilitator in a residential treatment center. I simply love meeting those of you struggling with addiction because of how real and open are with your struggle. I don’t have to put my fancy therapist hat on with you because you simply want something real and honest. I understand that not every person connects and relates with the 12-step approach, and because of this I also use SMART Recovery as an avenue to learn approaches to help manage triggers.

Have you done this a million times before?

For those of you who have tried before – maybe that looks like multiple residential treatment stays and multiple relapses– my hope for you is that you try again. I know the frustration and deep pain that comes with addiction and I am here to remind you that you CAN do this. All it takes is one more try and the refusal to give into the lies within. As you read this, I hope you feel encouraged to pick up the phone and call me today as I want to help you discover the skills needed to save your life.

Are you a family member to someone struggling with addiction?

It is often said that addiction is a family disease, and although you may not directly be involved in substance abuse there is no question it has had a major effect in your life. You need support too! Maybe you are struggling with codependency or the ability to use the word no. Maybe you simply need to process what you have survived while your family member is fighting to find their way. No matter what your life looks like right now I want you to feel encouraged to reach out for support today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only rely on the 12-step program?

No – because of my experience in the residential treatment setting I have had a front row seat to witness how every client’s battle with addiction looks different. Because of this I also use the SMART Recovery approach, which is CBT based.

Will I be kicked out of therapy if I relapse?

Absolutely not! I invite my clients to be completely transparent in the therapy room. Relapse can be seen as part of the recovery process, therefore knowing when relapse has occurred can create new insights to what you are continuing to struggle with.

Can you help me connect with residential treatment if needed?

I have a lot of knowledge about many residential treatment centers and am more than happy to help you connect with one if we discover together that you need a higher level of care. I will never pressure anyone to attend treatment, however it is also a part of my job to help you achieve sobriety and sometimes this can include discussing a long-term stay.

What if my family member is struggling with addiction but refuses to seek treatment?

I am here to help you, too. Part of therapy for those of you who are family members of those struggling with addiction can include learning how to set strong boundaries, processing your own trauma through association and challenging codependent tendencies.

Call me today – I am happy to spend 15 minutes with you on the phone to schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have.


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